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The internet has become a predominant part of our everyday lives. Can you imagine a day without it? Probably not. But, here’s the shocking bit. Only a fraction of the internet that most people use daily is considered the ‘surface web.’ That’s the part of the web you interact with whenever you’re online shopping, hanging out on social media or researching for school work.

But did you know, beneath the surface lies a far larger section known as the ‘deep web.’ It’s like a hidden massive iceberg underwater. This part of the web isn’t accessible by search engines like Google. It contains information tucked away in databases, articles, and even academic journals.

Even deeper, there’s another section beneath the deep web, better known as the ‘dark web.’ It’s a part of the internet that can only be accessed with special software. The software is designed to conceal your identity, making it ideal for individuals who want to fly under the radar. This means that illegal activities can sometimes happen here, but it’s not entirely bad. Some people use it to maintain their privacy and communicate without being tracked.

To give you a perspective of size, if the entire internet was a beach, the surface web would be a small sandcastle, the deep web the rest of the sand and the dark web would be the water.

The interesting part is that these different parts of the web are interlinked just like real cities. The surface web can be seen as the ‘safe’ city while the deep web may be the ‘suburbs’ and the dark web can be viewed as the ‘underground.’

One thing to keep in mind, going into the underground without being prepared could land you in trouble. The dark web isn’t necessarily a place to fear, but it does demand respect and caution.

To sum up, the internet is an iceberg. The part above water that we see and use daily is the surface web. The huge chunk underneath the water is the deep web, usually untouched but carrying a lot of information. And deeper still exists the dark web, secretive and sometimes dangerous, but offering extreme privacy. The understanding of these distinct layers is crucial in this modern digital age.

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