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The article refers to a recent lawsuit about video technology that was filed by a company named Genetec against a rival company, Avigilon. The suit claimed that Avigilon violated patents, which are essentially legal protection for a person’s or company’s exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention. This disagreement between the two businesses sparked questions about the functionality of the video technology.

Now let’s shift gears and talk about what Genetec does. Genetec, based in Montreal, Canada, makes software for managing and analyzing video footage. This technology is very important for businesses because it helps them keep track of what is going on, even when no one is physically present to watch. Think about a police department, for example, that uses video cameras to keep an eye on crime in the city. Or a store owner who uses cameras to figure out who might have stolen merchandise. The software Genetec produces makes it easier to manage all the footage that these cameras record.

On the flip side, Avigilon is also engaged in the same field. Avigilon, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, manufactures and sells video surveillance equipment and software. It has clients from around the world, making them a global competitor.

The lawsuit that Genetec filed against Avigilon was mainly about two patents. Those patents are related to video technology – especially the technology that helps speed up the review of surveillance footage based on unusual movement and the change in pixels (which is kind of like a tiny area of illumination on a display screen).

The court has already made a decision on this case. On March 9, 2020, the court ruled that Avigilon did not violate the first patent in question. Genetec made an appeal, asking a higher court to review the decision, but the court denied the appeal. For the second patent, the court ruled that it wasn’t valid, but Genetec has appealed that decision. So the second patent case is still ongoing.

In conclusion, this lawsuit brings up an important topic about video technology and patents. It’s not enough just to invent something great, you must also make sure to get the legal rights to your invention. And as businesses compete in this increasingly digital world, it’s no wonder that patent battles can heat up. This story shows us that sometimes the competition goes beyond just inventing great software or hardware – it also involves the legal protection of those inventions.

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