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If you’re wondering if there’s more potential to the influencer marketing strategy your company currently has in place, the answer is yes. Right now, influencers only recommend your product to their followers. However, there is so much more to the story. What about the people who follow those followers?

Today, most companies aim to reach Generation Z and millennials by collaborating with influencers. It is well known that these two demographics are more likely to trust the opinions of a well-liked influencer, rather than tradition advertisements. This is why influencer marketing can be successful.

To understand this more clearly, consider this example. If a beauty influencer posts about a lipstick shade they love, their followers would likely want to try it. But then, if one of those followers posts an amazing selfie wearing that lipstick, their followers would probably decide to try it too. This can spread like wildfire, and it’s called the ‘ripple effect’.

Every company hopes that the ripple from their influence reaches a bigger audience. But, how do they accomplish this? If the content posted about a brand or product is high-quality, it is likely to inspire followers to create their own content about the product. This creates the ripple effect, as this new content attracts more attention to the product.

It’s important that companies track the ripple effect properly, so they can understand its real impact. User-generated content, or UGC, can help do this. UGC refers to any form of content that is created by people, rather than brands. It is often more organic and genuine, as the content is usually not paid for.

UGC can definitely help a company’s influencer marketing strategy. Companies should encourage influencers to create engaging, high-quality content, and build a community around their brand. The ripple effect will naturally happen, as followers are likely to share this engaging and high-quality content, reaching more and more people.

Remember, interaction is key when building a community around your brand. Make your audience feel involved. Respond to their comments, provide incentives for them to produce UGC about your product, and remember to repost UGC to recognize your audience’s participation.

In conclusion, an influencer marketing strategy requires more than collaborating with influencers. By acknowledging and encouraging UCG, your company can create a powerful ripple effect, reaching a larger audience and potentially increasing sales.

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