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When learning anything new, it can seem like a challenge at first. Even the word called “machine learning” can sound like complex science. However, once you understand the concept, it’s actually quite fascinating.

Machine learning has a connection with our daily lives. In simple terms, machine learning helps computers learn from previous experiences. It’s like teaching your pet to sit or come to you when you call them. Just like your pet learns from repeating these activities, so do computers. But for computers, these activities are data inputs and calculations.

You can explain machine learning using an example of an online store recommending items you might like to buy. These recommendations are not random, but based on your past purchases, products viewed and your browsing habits. This is the computer using machine learning to predict and present what you might like, all by itself, based on previous data it has collected and learned from.

Machine learning is everywhere – it’s in our phones, our computers and even our household appliances. For instance, think about how Netflix recommends shows based on what you watched before, or your email filters useless messages, or how your air conditioner adjusts itself based on the weather. These are all forms of machine learning.

Machine learning has two types, supervised and unsupervised. In supervised learning, the computer is taught a “correct answer”, using data and past results. For instance, when you place a photo of a cat in front of the algorithm, telling it “This is a cat”, that is supervised learning.

In unsupervised learning, on the other hand, the computer isn’t given an answer or taught what is right or wrong. Instead, it is asked to look at the data and find patterns or relationships on its own. It’s like handing a bunch of puzzle pieces to them and letting them figure it out themselves.

By understanding these basics, you can better appreciate machine learning and its value, even if you aren’t a tech expert. Machine learning isn’t just nerdy tech-talk – it’s an important part of modern life that impacts how we live, shop, interact, and so much more.

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