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Imagine a happy and sunny day. You’re smiling, life is good, and suddenly, the skies darken, clouds roll in and your surroundings transition from a cheerful turf of a joyful fest to a grungy pit of despair. That’s exactly how an unsuspected cyber attack appears, turning your rainbow day into a stormy, somber night. The world no more remains the same after a cyber attack, which’s why ‘thinking digital’ is now a big deal.

Across the world, companies are becoming digital. They are exchanging paws with computers, immersing themselves in the infinite pool of online technology. But just like an ocean, while the digital domain is vast with unlimited advantages, it has its share of unseen, underwater threats. The main danger is the stormy weather: cyber attacks, feared by businesses worldwide.

How do we protect ourselves on an unpredictable sea of digital activity? To do this, we have to understand the type of cyber-attack we are dealing with. Once we know what kind of monster we’re up against, we’ll be in a better position to combat it. It’s like reading the rule book before playing a risky game.

One of the most common attacks, the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), works like a viral disease. It infects your online space secretly and you don’t even know you’ve been hit until it’s too late. By understanding these attacks, we can put up our shields effectively. The APT’s categorized into three stages: Incursion, Discovery, and Capture.

In the Incursion stage, these sneaky hackers break into your system stealthily. Just like a mouse silently nibbling on your cheese, you wouldn’t know until your cheese is gone! In the Discovery stage, the attackers discover the lay of the land and explore your system undetected, like a burglar scouting your house while you’re away. The Capture stage is their grab and go moment. They snatch up your vital information, like thieves taking off with your valuables.

For businesses, this is disastrous. It’s like a volcano eruption in your backyard. It’s essential that we stay prepared all the time—like we care for our health. So how can we get digitally fit to face such nefarious attacks? The key is to take a patient approach and build up a Force Field – an anti-APT protection plan. This force field is like a protective fortress, keeping the cyber threats from breaching your space.

To construct this, we need to integrate state-of-art technology, educate and train our team on recognizing potential threats, and ensure data protection measures are in place. Everyone on the team should be vigilant because one tiny loophole can make us vulnerable to Advanced Persistent Threats.

Coping with cyber threats is a continuous journey, requiring vigilance and constant updating. But instead of fearing the unseen monsters of the deep digital sea, we should be adventurers, cleaning the cyber sea and making the digital world secure for everyone. It’s a

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