ASIC Register Business Name: Secure Your Brand’s Future in Australia

Starting a business in Australia? Don’t forget to register your business name with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) or here on Biz Australia’s website. Securing your brand’s future is crucial, and ASIC registration provides the legal protection you need to operate your business smoothly. You can also choose to register with us, an ASIC Registered Agent.

By registering your business name with ASIC or Biz Australia, you gain access to a range of online services, including the ability to change addresses, update details, and download annual statements. It’s an essential step to ensure your brand is recognised and protected in the Australian market.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of registering a business name with Biz Australia, what to do after registration, the benefits it offers, and additional resources to assist you in the process. Let’s dive in and secure the future of your brand!

register business name registration

How to Register a Business Name with ASIC or Biz Australia

Registering your business name with ASIC or Biz Australia is a crucial step towards establishing and protecting your brand in Australia. The process can be easily completed online through, an efficient platform that ensures a streamlined registration experience. To begin the registration process, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Biz Australia website and navigate to the Registration page.
  2. Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  3. Click on the ‘Business Names’ tab and select ‘Register a Business Name’.
  4. Enter the details of your business, including the proposed name, address, and contact information.
  5. Provide supporting documents, such as identification if required.
  6. Pay the registration fee, which is currently AUD $99 for one year or AUD $189 for three years.
  7. Review your application and submit for processing.

Once your application is successfully submitted, ASIC will process it within a few business days. You will receive a confirmation email with your existing Australian Business Number (ABN) and a certificate of registration. It is important to keep these documents safe, as they serve as proof of your legally registered business name.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When registering a business name with ASIC or Biz Australia, it is essential to avoid certain common mistakes that can delay or hinder the process:

  • Choosing a name that is already registered or too similar to an existing business name.
  • Failing to provide accurate and up-to-date contact information.
  • Not checking the availability of the desired business name before starting the registration process.
  • Forgetting to renew the registration before the expiration date.

By taking these precautions and following the registration process carefully, you can ensure a smooth and successful registration of your business name with ASIC or Biz Australia, securing the future of your brand in Australia.

What to Do After Registering a Business Name

After successfully registering your business name, there are several essential tasks that you need to complete:

Update Business Details

Once your business name is registered, it is important to ensure that all your business details are up-to-date. This includes updating your contact information such as address, phone number, and email address. Keeping your business details accurate and current is crucial for maintaining good communication with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. It also helps establish trust and credibility for your brand. Log in to your Biz Australia account to easily update your business details.

Display Your Registered Business Name

Displaying your registered business name is a legal requirement in Australia. It helps customers identify your business and builds brand recognition. You should prominently display your business name on all business signage, websites, marketing materials, and official documents. This will ensure that your customers can easily identify and connect with your brand. Failure to display your registered business name may result in penalties or legal issues, so it is important to comply with this requirement.

Protect Registered Trademarks

If your business name is associated with any trademarks, it is vital to protect them. Registering your trademarks with IP Australia provides additional legal protection and prevents others from using your brand identity without permission. Trademarks can include logos, slogans, or unique product names that distinguish your business in the market. By protecting your trademarks, you safeguard your brand’s reputation and prevent potential confusion among customers.

By taking these necessary steps after registering your business name, you can ensure that your brand is secure and well-positioned for success in Australia.

register business name registration

Benefits of Registering a Business Name with ASIC

Registering your business name with ASIC offers several significant benefits for the future of your brand in Australia. By going through the registration process, you gain legal protection that safeguards your brand from potential infringement and misuse. This protection is vital for ensuring that your brand identity remains secure and that other businesses cannot exploit your hard-earned reputation.

Furthermore, registering your business name with ASIC enhances your brand recognition. It sends a clear message to your customers, stakeholders, and competitors that you are a legitimate and serious business entity. Having a registered business name also builds trust and credibility among your target audience, giving them confidence in your professionalism and commitment to providing quality products or services.

In addition to these benefits, ASIC registration allows you to access various resources and services that can help your business thrive. For example, you can take advantage of ASIC’s online portal to easily update your business details, such as address changes or updates to your registered trademarks. This streamlined process saves you time and ensures that your business information is always accurate and up to date.

Benefits of Registering a Business Name with ASIC
Legal protection for your brand
Enhanced brand recognition
Builds trust and credibility
Access to resources and services

In summary, registering your business name with ASIC is a crucial step in securing your brand’s future in Australia. It provides legal protection, enhances brand recognition, and builds trust and credibility. Additionally, ASIC offers various resources and services that can support your business growth and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Take advantage of these benefits by completing the registration process and unlock the full potential of your brand.

Alternatively, many people simply choose to register their ASIC Business Name with Biz Australia instead.

Additional Resources for Registering a Business Name

Once you have completed the process of registering your business name with ASIC or Biz Australia, you may find that you need additional support and guidance. Fortunately, there are resources available to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about updating your business details or need help with specific aspects of business name registration, these resources will provide the information you need.

Support for Business Names

If you require direct assistance with your business name registration, ASIC and Biz Australia offers support through their dedicated helpline. By reaching out to their team of experts, you can get answers to your queries and ensure that you are following the correct procedures. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you need clarification or guidance throughout the registration process.

Authorized Lodgers

If you prefer to work with a professional who can handle the registration on your behalf, ASIC has a list of authorized lodgers available on their website. Biz Australia is one such lodger, as an ASIC Registered Agent. These lodgers are experienced in handling business name registrations and can assist you in ensuring that all the necessary requirements are met. Engaging an authorised lodger can simplify the process and give you peace of mind.

Business Names Help

Biz Australia’s official website also provides a comprehensive section dedicated to business names help. Here, you can find detailed guides, frequently asked questions, and step-by-step tutorials that cover various aspects of business name registration. This valuable resource is designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to navigate the registration process and make informed decisions for your business.

When it comes to registering a business name, taking advantage of the available resources can save you time and minimise any potential confusion. Whether you prefer to seek support directly, work with an authorised lodger, or access self-help materials, these resources are here to ensure that registering your business name is a smooth and successful endeavour.


Why is it important to register my business name with ASIC?

Registering your business name provides legal protection for your brand and allows you to operate your business without any issues. You can also register your business name with Biz Australia, on this very website.

How can I register my business name with ASIC?

You can register your business name with ASIC by using the online platform called ASIC Connect, or you can do it on the front page of this website.

register business name registration

What should I do after registering my business name with ASIC?

After registering your business name with ASIC, you need to update your business details, display your registered name, and protect any registered trademarks.

What benefits do I get from registering my business name with ASIC?

Registering your business name with ASIC offers benefits such as legal protection for your brand, increased brand recognition, and enhanced trust and credibility. But you can do this at Biz Australia as well.

Where can I find additional resources for registering a business name?

For further assistance and information regarding business name registration, you can utilise resources provided on this website, including support for business names, authorised lodgers, and business names help.

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